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SECRET LIFE OF PLANETS feat. members of the REBIRTH Tuesday Mar27th

ImageThe Rebirth has been known over the years to do a cover or two i.e. “Evil Vibrations” to name just one. SECRET LIFE OF PLANETS is a side project featuring members of the Rebirth whom will be performing live many of the artists and music that has influenced the Rebirth’s sound over the years. PLEASURE, SIDE EFFECT, BERNARD WRIGHT, A TRIBE CALLED QUEST, RAMP to name a few of the gems that will be featured on this night. Part of our ritual and reason to play these songs is often we discover so many nuances on how these classics were created to begin with by listening and extracting the fine details of the recordings, song structure, performances and lyrical content. We then realize why these songs have become classics in our universe.

@MAMBO’s CAFE Cuban Cuisine – Two Sets (8 & 10pm) | No Cover

1701 S. VICTORY BLVD (Corner of Western) Glendale. CA.

For Dinner reservations recommended call: 818-545-8613


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