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Maya Azucena Shows feat. members of The Rebirth-RECAP

Members of the Rebirth back-up NYC’s Maya Azucena for LA/OC Shows-RECAP

We would like to thank everyone who came together to make Maya Azucena’s mini tour of southern Cal a successful one. “This is the first time I felt that I properly played LA/OC and found my audience” states Maya. Well this couldn’t have happened without the fans showing up with welcoming arms.

It started with a few set backs, with the primary incident of Loslito being injured on a job site a few days before and unable to MD and perform with the group. Loslito was primarily on guitar so Andrew Saravia of Slang came in one days notice to learn 14 songs. Rehearsal was rough because the drummer had become unavailable as well, so “Big” Bert Baker got the call, performing on the fly on the first show the following night. Needless to say it was a true test of adaptation and we commend and appreciate Maya for keeping a positive attitude and spirit despite all the initial set backs.

Her tour of LA started Wednesday night for a 3 song performance at Strictly Social, a close-out freestyle at The Root Down on Thursday, continued by Soul Sessions on Friday, the Continental Room (Fullerton) Saturday and finally The Mint on Monday, whew! Adaptation was the operative word for these events so Maya just took what the space and energy gave her and she gave it right back ten fold. Daniel Seef stated “She is right up there with Sy Smith as far as directing a band, talent, professionalism and being able to shine in any circumstance.”

It was good for the band to connect with other musicians and a synergetic relationship was established for The Rebirth to keep supporting Maya Azucena as she keeps building her name and presence out here on the west coast. If you were unable to check out the shows this time around, here are some images taken by default photographer, Loslito, for your viewing pleasure. ☺

Special thanks goes to the Norman (Strictly Social), Jay and Chad (Soul Sessions, Bobby Soul (Continental Room, Casey Phillips (The Mint) for taking a chance on booking Maya without ever hearing a note.

To send Maya Azucena some more west coast love go to:


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